Chills Are For Scary Movies, Not Broken Heaters!

3 Signs to Fix the Heater Before Movie Night Is Ruined

A faulty heater is one thing no homeowner wants to deal with when temperatures begin to drop. Still, there comes a time when all heaters must have their dying day. The best way to ensure a heater lasts its life expectancy with few breakdowns and the lowest energy bills possible is to have the heater regularly maintained by qualified professionals. Fall is the perfect time for maintenance because it’s just before the cold weather hits. 

Aside from routine heater maintenance, homeowners can also keep their heaters running smoothly by getting them inspected and repaired as soon as possible before any issue worsens. Keep reading for three signs of a faulty heater so homeowners can call a professional to ensure their heating systems and homes are ready for cooler weather!

Heat Loss in the Home

Noticing heat loss in the home can be extremely stressful when the root cause is still unknown. There are a few common reasons for heat loss. 

Some common reasons include the following:

  • Power surges 
  • An incorrectly set thermostat
  • A thermostat that needs new batteries
  • Old windows
  • Small cracks surrounding windows and doors

Once homeowners determine that the home not heating up isn’t due to an easy explanation like a thermostat that’s been incorrectly set or whose batteries have run out, they can infer the heater is likely broken and call a professional. The heat loss could be due to a broken part in the heater, neglected maintenance, or the heater being old and needing to be serviced or replaced. Only a qualified technician should diagnose and fix the problem with a heater.

Unusual Sounds Should Only Come From Scary Movies

soundsA broken or damaged heater can cause all kinds of scary and unusual sounds to occur within the home. Homeowners might not even know where the sound is coming from at first, but - chances are - it’s the heater. 

Some of the sounds broken heaters can make are: 

  • Banging
  • Booming
  • Screeching 
  • Knocking
  • Rumbling
  • Persistent Humming

Homeowners should call a professional if they hear these noises. The noises don’t always mean the heater will need to be replaced. Sometimes, a repair is possible, but the odds are better the sooner a technician can deal with it. Professionals will be able to diagnose and fix the heater issue. 

Energy Bills Take a Leap

saveOne of the worst side effects of a faulty heater is an increase in energy bills. No one wants to pay more on their electric or gas bills! When homeowners notice this happening, they should call a professional right away to inspect their system. 

The main reason the bills increase is that heater problems can cause a lack of efficiency or cause the heater to run constantly to try and heat the home to the set temperature, but with no luck since the heater isn’t heating the house properly. Professionals can fix the problem, and once the heater is fixed, homeowners will see their energy bills go down again.

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