Expert Air Handler Services in Taunton and Nearby Districts - Optimize Indoor Airflow

If you barely feel a breeze coming out of your HVAC system, there might be a problem with the air handler. Call RCL Mechanical for timely repairs and replacements in Bristol, Plymouth, and neighboring counties.

Your air handler carries out the vital task of conditioning and transporting the air from your HVAC system. When it becomes faulty or damaged, your property's cooling and heating will suffer. Our team at RCL Mechanical offers 24/7 air handler services to ensure the comfort of your indoor spaces.

Having installed, repaired, and replaced thousands of air handlers in our two decades of service, you can trust us to fix any issue. Many homes and businesses in Taunton, MA, and local environs look to us for HVAC solutions because we provide honest, flat-rate pricing, exceptional service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job.

Another common cause of poorly performing HVAC systems is dirty or clogged air filters. Check out our AC & furnace filter replacement services to learn more.

Signs That You Need Air Handler Repair

If you want to avoid costly repairs and replacements, keep an eye out for these minor issues and call us for an assessment before they turn into big problems:

  • Odd noises: When your air handler makes unusual sounds different from its usual operational noises, turn off your HVAC system and reach out to our experts immediately.
  • Water leaks: Clogged or damaged drain lines will leak water and create more damage when left unchecked.
  • Poor airflow: Limited airflow can stem from an electrical problem or damaged ductwork.

We Offer Timely 24/7 HVAC Solutions

Whatever HVAC problem you might face, you can rest easy knowing that you have a local repair team available to assist you day or night. We work hard to update our equipment and methods to give you only the best solutions.

Our experts also have decades of experience servicing most HVAC brands, like Carrier, Concord, York, Trane, Goodman, and Rheem.

If you need a cooling system for your property that doesn't require bulky ductwork, a ductless mini-split ac system might suit your needs perfectly.

Getting an Air Handler Replacement

While we can fix most air handler problems with a quality repair, certain issues stemming from extreme wear and tear might require a different solution. If your unit is over 15 years old, replacing it will save you more money in the long run.

Our NATE- and LEED-certified team can recommend the most economical and efficient air handler to fit your specific needs. We can even offer some valuable insights on how you can enjoy significant energy rebates with your new system.

If your home or business has a faulty air handler, you are not enjoying the full potential of your HVAC system. Call our RCL Mechanical team at 774-784-0260 and schedule your service in Taunton, MA, and nearby localities today.