Membership Plan

Safeguard your HVAC and plumbing investments in the best way possible by joining our premier Service Plus membership plan in Bristol County and South Shore, MA.

You likely have thousands of dollars invested in your cooling, heating, and plumbing equipment. The best way to protect them is through regular professional maintenance.

Our team at RCL Mechanical in Taunton, MA, offers Service Plus, a comprehensive maintenance plan that provides you with the confidence that the essential parts of your property will stay safe and fully functional for years to come.

Learn More About Service Plus

Many homes and businesses in Taunton choose Service Plus because we provide:

  • Annual equipment maintenance, including careful inspection of all components as well as thorough cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating.
  • Discounted services, including repairs, installations, replacements, and remodels for both HVAC and plumbing.
  • 10% additional discount on parts and labor.
  • Yearly updates for services due.
  • Zero trip charges.
  • HVAC system warranty protection.
  • Priority service calls.

Reap the Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Is professional HVAC and plumbing upkeep really worth it? Here are just some of the advantages of keeping your system fully maintained throughout the year:

  • Extended equipment lifespan: Dirty, poorly-maintained equipment and appliances will suffer more wear and tear over time. Don’t spend more on preventable and frequent component replacements. Spend smarter on preventative maintenance to extend the life of your existing systems.
  • Fewer chances of breakdowns: HVAC and plumbing emergencies are not only stressful, but they can also be very costly. While it’s impossible to avoid the occasional problem altogether, preventive care can save you a lot of money on unanticipated emergencies.
  • Cheaper utility bills: A healthy system will always run at peak performance and require less energy to run. The result will be lowered monthly utility bills and increased total annual savings.

Save More Tomorrow by Investing Today

Unlike other companies that offer only limited options, we can customize your Service Plus plan to perfectly suit your needs. Here’s a breakdown of your coverage choices:


  • Oil heating: $345
  • Oil heating + AC: $425
  • Oil water heater: $265
  • Additional heating: $189
  • Additional AC: $265


  • Gas heating: $265
  • Gas + AC: $395
  • Gas water heater: $55
  • Additional heating: $135
  • Additional AC: $120


  • Water heater + Emergency shut off inspection: $150

Whether your systems in Taunton, MA, are new or old, you can never underestimate the importance of professional maintenance. Join our Service Plus plan and enjoy significant savings today!

If you want to discuss your options with our experts at RCL Mechanical, please reach out to us at 774-784-0260.