Breathable Comfort: Top Ductwork Services for Taunton, MA, and Surrounding Communities

Improve your indoor air quality with energy-efficient ductwork services — proudly serving in and around Bristol and Plymouth Counties.

An inefficient ductwork system can account for a significant percentage of your heating and cooling costs. Moreover, leaky ducts can contaminate your indoor air and pose a serious health hazard. At RCL Mechanical, we offer an extensive range of air duct services, from air duct installation and repair to ductwork replacement.

As a local company serving Taunton, MA, and the surrounding area, we understand the community’s needs and know what it takes to provide exceptional service. All our technicians are hand-picked to guarantee the highest level of competence, experience, and courtesy.

The quality of the air you breathe matters. Reach out to us to find out more about our indoor air quality services.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Ductwork?

Many homeowners fail to realize that the quality of ductwork products and services plays a critical role in the system’s successful operation. After all, your ductwork is responsible for transporting every bit of air you pay to heat and cool throughout your home. If your ductwork system is poorly designed, installed, fitted, and sealed, you’re likely to face problems with its performance.

Your system may have severe energy losses that drive up the costs of keeping your home comfortable. At RCL, our LEED- and NATE-certified technicians offer exceptional ductwork installation services to help you avoid issues and make the most of your HVAC system.

When Do You Need Ductwork Repair?

When your air ducts need repair, it may not be obvious. Some signs may be hard to ignore, while others may be too subtle to notice. The sooner you see signs of damage and do something about it, the better. Here are typical signs your air ducts need repairs:

  • Unexpectedly high energy bills.
  • Old or leaky air ducts.
  • Dirt and dust around the air ducts.
  • The smell of mold and mildew.
  • Poor airflow from your HVAC system.
  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home.
  • Strange noises coming from your air ducts.

If you have well-maintained air ducts but still struggle to keep your home warm, ask about our furnace repair services.

What Are the Signs You Should Modify or Replace Your Ductwork?

While professional ductwork installation and repair are crucial to maintaining the integrity of your ducts, a time comes when you’ll have to modify or replace them. Watch out for the following signs that it’s time for air duct replacement.

  • Cracks and holes: Depending on the severity of the problem, replacement may be more cost-effective than repair.
  • Crushed or collapsed ducts: Ducts become damaged if handled roughly or subjected to physical pressure.
  • Loose connections: Over time, your ducts may loosen, compromising the closed system upon which your HVAC system depends. When that happens, your unit may have to expend more energy than necessary.

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