Air Duct Essentials: Everything You Need to Know About Your Home's Ductwork

Understanding When Air Ducts Need Service

Air ducts are an essential component of any home’s central air conditioning and heating system. While the HVAC unit itself is responsible for heating or cooling indoor air, it cannot complete its purpose without the air ducts, which deliver the temperature-regulated air all throughout the house in order to maximize comfort. However, there will be times when the ductwork needs professional attention, such as air duct repair, replacement, or cleaning. This post will discuss some vital information for homeowners to know to help them know when their air ducts need service

When Is It Time to Replace the Ductwork?

replacementAir ducts are sturdy equipment built to last for at least the better part of 2 decades. With a life span of up to 25 years, most ductwork can withstand the ups and downs of life and the many changes in seasons without requiring a complete overhaul. However, most air ducts can start to experience issues at around 15 years old. 

At the very least, homeowners can expect to not need air duct replacement until year 15. Right around this time, the wear and tear of daily use can start to show and become more apparent as older ductwork may increasingly need more frequent air duct repair, which indicates duct replacement may be necessary. A professional can assess the condition of the air ducts to determine whether repair or replacement is beneficial. 

Signs of Damaged Air Ducts in Need of Repair

While air ducts have a long life expectancy, ductwork can become damaged and require repair. One of the most common signs of damaged air ducts in need of duct repair is high energy bills resulting from inefficient operation. The ductwork in need of repair can also cause uneven temperatures in different rooms or areas in the house, poor airflow, dirty air vents, strange noises from the ductwork, and more frequent allergic reactions. 

All of these signs, especially if more than one is evident, could point to damaged ductwork, in which case, homeowners should contact a professional to inspect the air ducts for the issue and perform the appropriate air duct repairs to fix it. Once the problem is fixed, the sign that had alerted homeowners to the issue should go away. 

How to Tell if the Ductwork Is Dirty

ductLike all things at home, ductwork does get dirty and can benefit from air duct cleaning when needed. But with the air ducts tucked away and out of sight, how can homeowners know they are already dirty and need duct cleaning? There are also signs that can alert homeowners to this issue. 

Some signs of dirty ducts are if the air vents or ducts are dirty and covered in dust or mold, and musty smells and foul odors from the ducts and vents. Additionally, worsening allergy symptoms can indicate duct cleaning may be needed. If air filters clog with dust and debris earlier than usual or when recommended to be replaced, this can also signal that the air ducts are dirty and need cleaning.   

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