Expert Backflow Testing & Repair Services in Taunton, MA, and Neighboring Areas

At RCL Mechanical, we proudly serve in and around the Bristol County, MA area. Protect yourself against the worst plumbing disasters, and get your back flow prevention device certified today.

Backflows occur in Taunton, MA, and its immediate surroundings whenever there is a plumbing system malfunction. If this happens on your property, wastewater can spew out from your plumbing and even contaminate your main water supply. Such malfunctions may also lead to corroded pipework and other issues down the line.

Our team at RCL Mechanical can help safeguard your home or business by regularly testing and certifying the effectiveness of your backflow prevention device. If you suspect that your unit is already faulty, you can trust our experienced team to fix the issue quickly with zero fuss.

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What Causes Backflow?

Many culprits can cause backflow in your property’s plumbing. The most common ones in Taunton include:

  • Back siphonage: Back siphonage is the flow reversal inside a plumbing system resulting from negative pressure in the supply piping.
  • Back pressure: Back pressure occurs when the inside of your pipework pushes water in the opposite direction. Such a problem usually happens when water heaters don’t have enough outlets or vents.
  • Sewer damage: When your sewage system malfunctions or sustains too much damage, it can lead to a serious backflow issue in your property.

Since these problems can be difficult to spot on your own, the best way to protect your property is to keep your backflow prevention device well-maintained.

Why Get Regular Backflow Testing Services?

Like most other plumbing fixtures, backflow prevention devices are not immune to the occasional problem, which is why regular testing is so important.

Our technicians at RCL Mechanical can test your device and certify that it’s in excellent condition. We also offer maintenance agreements so you can stay protected all year round.

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Call Us for Reliable Backflow Repair

How do you know if your backflow prevention system is working as it should? Keep an eye out for these signs of disrepair and call our experts the moment you notice them:

  • Poor drainage: A faulty backflow valve may affect your drainage and even stop it completely.
  • Pipework leakage: Ill-maintained prevention valves can leak over time because of wear and tear.
  • Dirty water: Cloudy, smelly tap water can stem from a broken backwater valve in your plumbing.

If you want to schedule your backflow test with our experts at RCL Mechanical, call us at 774-784-0260. We proudly serve the plumbing and backflow prevention needs of Taunton, MA, and other nearby areas.