Why Won't Your House Stay Warm Enough?

Three Common HVAC Issues That May Be Affecting Your Home’s Heating

As autumn rolls on and the weather grows ever chillier, homeowners find themselves running the heater with more and more frequency. Unfortunately, many homeowners also find that no matter how often or how long they run their furnace, the house never seems to reach or hold the desired temperature. This can be frustrating and problematic, to say the least, especially with winter just around the corner. 

So keep reading to learn about three of the most common reasons a home’s central heating system might be struggling to provide warmth - and what to do about them.

Wrong Sized Unit

One surprisingly common cause of heating issues is a heater or furnace that’s the wrong size for the home. This can occur if the unit was selected and installed without proper calculations or if part of the house has been remodeled.

If the unit is oversized, it will produce too much heat too quickly, and the thermostat will shut off the heating cycle prematurely. This is known as “short-cycling” and can cause some parts of the home to be deprived of heat. An undersized unit will run longer than intended as it struggles to meet the thermostat’s demands. The result can be higher utility bills and increased wear and tear on the unit in either case. Unfortunately, the only solution is a new heater installation.

Thermostat Issues

In some cases, a heat deficiency may be caused by something as simple as a thermostat problem. If the thermostat is located near a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight, it may cause the heater to turn off even though the rest of the house hasn’t been properly heated. Similarly, if dust or grime has built up inside the thermostat, it may not be able to accurately read the temperature, potentially resulting in insufficient heat.

Alternatively, the problem may also simply be an old thermostat. For instance, some older thermostats contain a mercury bulb, which can cause malfunctions if it isn’t completely level. Even a purely digital thermostat can become worn and begin to fail after many years of use. The best way to solve thermostat issues is to call an HVAC professional to diagnose the issue and perform thermostat services such as a cleaning, adjustment, or full upgrade.

Debris In Or Around the Outdoor Unit

Another reason the home’s heating system may not be producing enough heat is a buildup of debris around the outdoor unit. In homes with heat pump systems, the outdoor unit is responsible for capturing heat energy from the outdoor air to be transferred indoors. 

Fallen leaves, twigs, or other debris can get into the unit or clog up air pathways, impeding airflow and interfering with the heat transfer. The heater will then struggle to keep up with the demands of the thermostat. Fortunately, this can be resolved with professional heater service and likely won’t require repairs. In between heater maintenance visits, homeowners can help prevent this issue by keeping the area around their unit clear of leaves and other yard debris.

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