Getting to Know the Boiler Better for Valentine's Day

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Boilers

Many homeowners don’t think about their boilers unless boiler service is needed or it’s not acting the most optimally or efficiently. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge or unpreparedness can lead to expensive repairs because of ignored warning signs of potential issues. Knowing what to look for and who to call for boiler repair when a unit is experiencing minor issues helps prevent major problems later on.

Do Boilers Boil Water?

Technician working on a boilerThe boiler is the center of the home’s central heating system. Hot water boilers heat water between 140-180 degrees and then push the heated water throughout the house. Steam boilers boil water beyond the boiling point until the water becomes steam, used to heat the home.

A valve connected to the boiler opens when the unit is running, gas is released into a sealed combustion chamber, and an ignition system is ignited to burn the fuel. Hot jets linked to a heat exchanger transfer heat from the ignited fuel to water that flows over the exchanger. An electric pump then takes the heated water, pushes it out to radiators, and taps throughout the house.

Are Boilers An Eco-Friendly Heating Option?

eco friendly

Residential boilers are closed systems that continuously recycle water. Modern boilers are more cost-effective and efficient than previous models. Homeowners should look for units with a 90% or higher efficiency rating based on the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Residential units should have an Energy-Star designation.

The best boiler installation technicians will properly size the unit to meet the household's needs and current configuration to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal use.

What Impacts a Boiler’s Efficiency?

A boiler that drops below a certain water pressure threshold will likely not cause damage to the central heating system or boiler but will impact the household's quality of life. Most boilers have a visible gauge on the unit and an indicator with a minimum safe pressure range.

Gas boilers can be connected straight to a gas main for continuous fuel usage or have Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders that need periodic refilling. It is the most commonly installed boiler because it is the cheapest option available.

Oil boilers operate similarly but require an oil tank storage near the boiler and consistent oil deliveries from a local company. This option is not as eco-friendly but tends to be more fuel-efficient.

Electric boilers don’t burn fuel but instead use electric elements to transfer heat to the water in the boiler. It is often the least efficient unit and the most expensive to run due to the higher cost of electricity in most municipalities.

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