Do You Have an Underground Water Leak? Here's How to Find Them

What to Know About Spotting Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks are no fun, but they can happen to anybody, so homeowners need to know how to determine if there is a leak at home - even one hidden out of view or underground. Once homeowners suspect a leak, they can reach out to a plumber to confirm, locate it, and repair it, in turn fixing the adverse effects of the leak, such as high water bills and water waste. This blog will share three ways homeowners can be alerted to a leak in their homes. 

Signs of a Water Leak

leakWhen determining if there is a water leak within a home’s plumbing system, it is always helpful to be in tune with what is happening in and around the house. Being observant allows homeowners to see where minor problems could be pointing at bigger issues requiring immediate attention. Here are some signs that may suggest there’s a possible hidden water leak:

  • An increase in the water bill: High water bills without a corresponding increase in water consumption could indicate that water is flowing out of the system somewhere, possibly through cracks or holes and not out of taps and fixtures.
  • Water pressure decreases: If water doesn’t seem to flow with the same volume as it used to, this may point to a decrease in water pressure which could result from water escaping out of a leak in the water line and not making it out the tap.
  • Water pooling in the yard: Puddles of water forming in the yard for no evident reason could be a sign that it is coming from an underground leak.
  • Sound of water running: When homeowners hear running water when no water is being used from the home’s fixtures and appliances, it may point to a leak. 

Water Meter 

Another way to detect the presence of a leak is to use the home’s water meter, which may also have its own leak indicator. The leak indicator is a brightly colored arrow, usually red, green, or blue, that spins to indicate water leaking out of the system. To do this properly, it’s crucial to first shut off the home’s main water valve before checking the leak indicator on the meter. If all water to the house is cut off and the indicator still keeps spinning, it’s a sure sign of a water leak.

What if the water meter doesn’t have a leak indicator? If this is the case, it’s still possible to use the water meter to determine if a leak is present. With the main water valve turned off, a homeowner must record the meter reading and then come back after 30 to 60 minutes of not using any water to recheck the meter reading. Any changes in the reading without using any water means there’s likely a leak.

Professional Leak Detection

proAnother way for homeowners to find a leak in their plumbing is to call a plumber for professional leak detection services. Professional plumbers have a variety of special methods and equipment at their disposal to tackle even the most challenging of leak detection and repair situations. 

Plumbers may use acoustic leak detectors, thermal imaging, or video inspection to hone in on the leak’s exact location so they can fix it less invasively. Having a trustworthy, reliable plumber on call who can perform these services can save homeowners a lot of time, money, and stress when dealing with difficult water leaks.

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