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Your main water line supplies water to your home. Installed underground on your property, these water pipes are hardy and built to last. However, they may get damaged, leading to plumbing issues such as leaks.

If you suspect you need water line repairs or replacement, don’t hesitate — call RCL Mechanical right away. Our certified technicians have the skills and expertise to provide top-notch water line repair and replacement services in and around Taunton, MA. We’re proud to offer same-day services and a satisfaction guarantee.

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What Are the Signs You Need Main Water Line Repair?

Several factors can cause your water line to break: corrosion, tree roots, or even the type of pipe installed. Here are some key signs you should call us to check your main water line:

  • Your water bills rise suddenly.
  • Cracks appear in your foundation.
  • Your water pressure drops dramatically.
  • There are puddles in your yard.
  • You hear strange gurgling from your toilets when you turn on the sink.
  • Water discoloration on walls, floors, or ceilings.

Do You Need Water Pipe Replacement or Repair?

If you have a main water line leak, you may be wondering whether to repair or replace the pipe. Consider the following points, and speak with our RCL experts for guidance about whether you should repair or replace your main water line:

  • Age of the water line: If your water line is older than 50 years, replacement is more cost-effective than repairs.
  • Past repairs: If you’ve had your water line fixed several times before, it’s time to replace the pipe and trade it up to a new one.
  • Material of the waterline: If your water line is made of out-of-date materials, having it replaced is a better option. Outdated materials can cause additional problems and health risks down the road.
  • The extent of the damage: If the line has a small crack, a quick fix might suffice. If the line suffers from extreme corrosion or has completely burst, replacement is your best option.
  • Cost analysis: A general rule of thumb is that if the repair cost equals or exceeds half the replacement cost, it is better to spend the money replacing rather than repairing the line.

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Why Work with Us?

When you hire RCL Mechanical, you’re working with LEED- and NATE-Certified technicians. Our team goes above and beyond to provide exceptional water main services so that you can enjoy peace of mind and guaranteed comfort. If money is tight, we offer flexible financing options so that our products and services are always within your budget. Best of all, we provide prompt services.

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