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Water Filtration

Tired of unsuccessful DIY handyman projects, but does the thought of hiring an outside contractor give you anxiety? As homeowners and business owners ourselves, we’ve all had the same concerns: Will I choose the right company? Will they show up late or overcharge me for subpar work? At RCL Mechanical, we never let that happen. When you call, a licensed and insured expert will arrive at your door on time, listen to your needs, and provide the right solution at a price you can agree on. Don’t wait! Book an appointment online.

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What to Expect

Your unfiltered tap water contains industrial chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and a whole host of contaminants that can cause illness and disease. Fortunately, modern water filtration systems are now available to provide you with access to safe, clean drinking water. No more having to spend a fortune on bottled water each month!

With a range of filtration systems available, each targeting specific contaminants, how do you know which water filtration system is right for you?

This is where the expert team at RCL Mechanical comes in! We specialize in water quality solutions and perform tests to determine the types of contaminants affecting your water supply. From this we are able to recommend the right water filtration system for your home.

We recommend an initial video inspection to identify the source of the problem and determine whether it will be a recurring issue.

Once we complete a full inspection of your sewer pipe, we will be able to address the issue and present you with your options, including both trenchless and traditional sewer line replacement.

Which Water Filtration System is Right for You?

At RCL Mechanical, we install a range of water purification systems including whole-home models. We can recommend the right system for your home.

  • REVERSE OSMOSIS – Water is pushed through a specialized filter using high pressure to rid it of contaminants. Health enhancing minerals are often added back into the water after it has been purified. Reverse osmosis eliminates radioactive particles and other contaminants that most filtration systems cannot.
  • CARBON FILTERS – Positively charged contaminants are attracted to the negatively charged carbon inside the system. The porous or granulated carbon collects these contaminants until the filter becomes worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • THREE-STAGE FILTERS – A three-stage filter pushes water through three separate stages to thoroughly clean your water supply. The first step uses a sediment filter to catch larger particles. The second filter transforms chlorine into chloride. The last step uses a carbon filter which prevents microscopic contaminants from passing through to your water supply.

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