Celebrate National Wellness Month by Focusing on Indoor Air Quality

Defining Indoor Air Quality

National Wellness Month happens to correspond with a heat wave that is sweeping the nation. The heat sends families scrambling away from outdoor summer activities back inside to take advantage of the home’s air conditioning. One of the benefits of summer is the opportunity it allows people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. But, when it gets too hot, families find themselves back inside, exposed to low-quality air.

Indoor air is proven to be more polluted than outdoor air, bringing multiple negative consequences. This summer, don’t fall victim to low-quality air. Take advice from local HVAC technicians and keep the air inside the home fresh and healthy.

Health Effects of Low-Quality Air

dizzinessHomes are engineered to keep nature outside and a climate-controlled atmosphere inside. The downside of this is that the same air is constantly circulating around the house. As it circulates, it picks up odors, dust, and evaporated chemicals like cooking oils and hygiene products. The resulting air can have serious negative health effects like:

  • Eye irritation
  • Dry sinuses
  • Increased incidence of respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness

Most of these consequences are short or medium-term. Long-term, more serious problems that result from low-quality air can include increased susceptibility to viruses, heart disease, and cancer.

Air Filters and AC Maintenance for High-Quality Air

replace air filterSo what can be done to prevent the effects of poor indoor air quality? In the spring, when temperatures are milder, opening the windows can allow fresh air inside. But, with temperatures soaring outdoors, the only option is to keep the air inside the home cleaner. Two things are necessary to accomplish this: changing the air filter and professional AC maintenance.

Changing the air filter on time is perhaps the best thing a family can do to protect indoor air. High-quality filters remove dust and allergens from the air, leaving the air cleaner and fresher. Air filters should be changed at least every three months to keep the air and AC clean.

Fresh air is only as fresh as the machinery that moves it around the home. Over time, air conditioners become fouled with dust, mildew, and mold. This can lead to chronic health problems for anyone in the house. AC maintenance from a licensed professional can turn back the clock on air conditioners and help them supply only the freshest air to the home, improving indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers and Air Sanitizers

In some cases, good AC maintenance and frequent filter changes aren’t enough to keep the air clean. Portable air cleaners are great options if that is the case in a home. Portable air cleaners are small appliances that remove dust and biological agents from the air, resulting in cleaner and fresher-smelling living spaces.

Remember the difference between air purifiers and sanitizers when shopping for portable air cleaners. Air purifiers focus on removing larger particles from the air like dust, dander, and allergens. Air sanitizers use powerful UV light to destroy biological agents and odors like viruses, bacteria, and cigarette smoke.

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How to Upgrade a Home's Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Overall Health

People across the globe are searching for ways to improve their health and ultimately live longer happier lives. And the overall well-being of human bodies starts with a substance that fills out the lungs every second of the day.

If you guessed it, today's topic is air, not just outdoor air, but the air that fills homes everywhere. It’s a necessity to live, but it can also be the root cause of some sicknesses. Poor air quality in a house can cause chronic headaches, nasal congestion, and nausea which often go misdiagnosed for years. 

So, in the spirit of becoming healthier and more conscious about what goes into the body, here are a few tips to improve indoor air quality. 

Buying Plants for More than Decorationplants

Plants are great for bringing nature indoors, but there are hidden qualities to this beautiful greenery that can make their owners healthier. This is because plants use photosynthesis to live and grow. They pull the carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. 

Having many plants in a home will provide better air quality than plant-free homes because plants pull carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins out of the air. So include some greenery in your home decor for a low-maintenance and cost-effective way to purify the air.

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Properly Maintain the Air Conditioner

If a green thumb doesn’t run in the family, don’t fret. Proper bi-annual maintenance of an air conditioner is an even more effective way to improve indoor air quality. Professionals suggest that homeowners schedule a rigorous test of their air conditioner twice a year in the spring and the fall. These two periods of seasonal change can create drastic changes to the air quality if not properly maintained. A seasonal inspection can also extend the AC unit's life because if there is an issue, the professional doing the maintenance check can quickly assess and fix it before it escalates.

Changing the air filter in the AC unit more frequently can also provide health benefits because just as the lint filter in a dryer cannot efficiently collect lint when it’s full, the same goes for the air filter. Once a filter gets full, it stops working and allows the pollutants back into the home for the owners to breathe. 

Other Ways to Clean Up the Air

For homeowners looking to boost the amount of clean air they inhale, these additions can also help:

  • Cleaning and dusting a home often, opening windows, and having pets regularly groomed is the easiest way to keep pollutants and toxins from building up and make the air conditioner's job a little easier.
  • Opting for essential oils instead of diffusers, salt lamps instead of regular lamps, and beeswax candles instead of scented ones are more holistic changes homeowners can make.
  • Air Purifiers vary in size and price but ultimately help reduce the number of toxins that the air filters and plants miss by purifying the air as long as it’s on.
  • Air Scrubbers are more pricey but work with less energy than an air purifier because they hook up to a home's ductwork and clear the contaminants before they can exit the vents. 


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